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Sarah and Vinnie Full Show

by Audacy

The Entire Sarah and Vinnie Morning Show Broadcast

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Show Highlight- Rescue 911

3m · Published 21 May 18:05

A guy was trying to save a hot lady’s dog!

Show Highlight- Kids Are Expensive

3m · Published 21 May 18:00

Raising children is far more expensive than expected!

Show Highlight- Talk Like Yoda

4m · Published 21 May 17:55

It’s Talk Like Yoda Day!

9-10am- Rap Beef & Being Rich or Attractive

30m · Published 21 May 17:50

Chet Hanks schooled his dad on rap beefs, Sting’s son has joined the police, A.I., and a poll on being rich or attractive, and we play a game!

8-9am- Kid Rock has Lost It & A.I. Memories

42m · Published 21 May 17:45

Timothee Chalamet is in a cologne ad, the new American Idol winner, a new Kid Rock interview has it all, Adele wants to have a kid, a 61 year old German man has cancer and is going to leave behind an A.I. version of himself, and your texts!

6-7am- Full Frontal & Don't Touch Your Phone

36m · Published 21 May 17:35

It’s Talk Like Yoda Day, George Lucas’ 80th birthday was epic, Demi Moore when full frontal for the first time, a poll on if people want to be President, don’t touch your phone for at least 20 minutes after waking up, raising children is far more expensive than expected, and your texts!

Lost 30

19m · Published 21 May 17:30

There is hope for online love after all!

7-8am- Kittle is Fun & the Sandwich Method

43m · Published 21 May 17:00

Scarlett Johansson isn't happy that Open AI used her voice, Kittle shotgunned beers at a Luke Combs concert, Ben and Jen are putting on a good show, Comcast is starting consolidated streaming package, TikTok is in love with the sandwich method, a guy was trying to save a hot lady’s dog, and Vinnie reads your texts!

Show Highlight- Chatty

1m · Published 20 May 18:05

People want to chat at the hairdresser!

Show Highlight- Warning

10m · Published 20 May 18:00

A porn star issues a stark warning to young girls!

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