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94WIP Morning Show with Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie

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The 94WIP Morning Show with Joe DeCamara, Jon Ritchie, James Seltzer, and Rhea Hughes.

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Do The Flyers Have Championship Traits? | 'South Philly Sauce'

15m · Published 01 Mar 19:26

From 'South Philly Sauce' (subscribe here): Ashlyn Sullivan and Al Morganti breakdown John Tortorella's comments how the Flyers remind him of a former championship team he coached. That and previewing a big upcoming schedule for the Fly Guys on this episode of South Philly Sauce.

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Full show: Eagles' Darius Slay on Philly fans

3h 8m · Published 01 Mar 15:06

Full show: The Morning team touch on all 4 teams. How excited are you for the Phillies? Do you expect Embiid to return this season? Is it ok the Flyers will not be buyers at the trade deadline? Should the Eagles fans boo less as Slay said?

What is the timeline for Joel Embiid’s return?

39m · Published 01 Mar 14:58

Hour 4: The Morning team and callers discuss when or if Joel Embiid will come back from injury. Jon believes Joel will return at full strength but the rest of the team disagree.

Will the Eagles sign CJGJ?

16m · Published 01 Mar 14:56

Joe and Jon discuss the Howard Eskin’s speculation of CJGJ possibly returning to the Eagles. Plus, Time’s Yours.

Drop of the Week! ‘It’s just keeps snowballing’

22m · Published 01 Mar 14:29

The Morning team replay some of the funniest moments over the past week.

‘Darius Slay is getting older not getting more mature’

43m · Published 01 Mar 14:01

Hour 3: The Morning team and callers react to Darius Slay and his comments on booing fans. Jon gets what Slay is saying but Joe is fed up.

We're going to London to watch the Phillies!

11m · Published 01 Mar 13:43

The Morning team announces they're going across the pond to see the Phillies play the Mets in June thanks to Phans Of Philly. Go to PhansOfPhilly.com to join us!

Reacting to Darius Slay’s comments on Eagles fans.

53m · Published 01 Mar 13:24

Hour 2: The Morning team discusses the comments Slay said about Eagles fans booing. Eliot Shorr-Parks joins the show to give his opinion on Slay.

Beat the Hammer! Bryce Harper trivia.

12m · Published 01 Mar 13:19

Eliot Shorr-Parks on Darius Slay's comments: 'Mostly correct'

44m · Published 01 Mar 13:17

Eliot Shorr-Parks joins the Morning team and discusses the latest news on the Eagles, including Darius Slay's comments on the fans.

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