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4.80 stars

Mercedes In The Morning

by Audacy

Three local, Las Vegas friends discuss life, current events, and everything else that pops into their heads. It's the Pick Me Up that everyone needs! Pop culture and real tribulations! This show is funny, with a flare, never boring and always informative. Come join our family.

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MITM # 2067  The “Maid Of Honor Dropout” One

1h 14m · Published 23 May 17:16

*5:00am: Childhood Fear

*6:00am: Mercedes in the Morning Helped You, Soundtrack Showdown

*7:00am: Maid of Honor Wants To Drop Out Dilemma

*8:00am: Pickleball Blowing Up, Sophie Says: New York Times Games, Apple Music’s Best Album Debate

*9:00am: Category Craze

MITM # 2066  The “Wahla!” One

1h 8m · Published 22 May 17:16

*5:00am: Visited Because of TV Show/Movie

*6:00am: Not in the Parenting Playbook, Bryce Harper Prom Proposal

*7:00am: Kid Said That Scared You, JC’s Mispronounced Words

*8:00am: Pat Sajak on Wheel Of Fortune

*9:00am: Category Craze

MITM # 2065  The “OJ Simpson's Favorite Waitress” One

1h 9m · Published 21 May 17:21

*5:00am: Makes You Look Old

*6:00am: Scorpion Infestation, Pet Accidentally Ate

*7:00am: Shocking Thing About You

*8:00am: Small World Moments, Celebrity You Can’t Forgive, Second Child Challenge

*9:00am: Category Craze

MITM # 2064  The “Last Day of School” One

1h 21m · Published 20 May 17:19

*5:00am: Intimidating Store

*6:00am: Super Bowl of Your Passion, Trapped Somewhere

*7:00am: Beat Mercedes for a $900 Diamond Pendant, Last Day of School

*8:00am: Colonoscopy/ Anesthesia Stories, Guess The Celeb Birthday Greeting

*9:00am: JC’s Jerk or Justified: Neighbor’s Kids

MITM # 2063  The “2008 iPod” One

1h 13m · Published 17 May 17:28

*5:00am: Lived Up To Stereotype

*6:00am: Dropped Phone In Toilet, Steph Picking Up J Love

*7:00am: Technology You Have To Explain, Buffalo’s Beef: Jelly Roll

*8:00am: Life’s Simple Joys, Oh Wow Wheel: This Ain’t Texas, Bring Daughter’s to the Public Restroom

*9:00am: 2001 Rewind Quiz

MITM # 2062  The “Stolen Car Seat ” One

1h 12m · Published 16 May 17:16

*5:00am: Odd Thing Stolen From You

*6:00am: Lingering In Your Car, Harrison Butker Commencement Speech

*7:00am: Getting Back at Rude Customers, Wanda Sykes Mistaken for Lenny Kravitz

*8:00am: Panicking about Laura, Sophie Says: “Good Luck, Babe” by Chappell Roan, Made Your Parents Cool

*9:00am: Failed Bluey Event

MITM # 2061  The “Bailed Out Of Jail” One

1h 13m · Published 15 May 17:14

*5:00am: You Love But Everyone Hates

*6:00am: Movie Line You Quote, Unconventional Pain

*7:00am: Husband Not A Fan Of Wardrobe

*8:00am: Boss Asking Something Not In Job Description, Non Matching Libido

*9:00am: May Teacher of the Month: Mrs Berselli from Palo Verde High School

May Teacher of the Month 2024: Shiela Berselli from Palo Verde High School

4m · Published 15 May 16:26

Congratulations to Mrs. Berselli from Palo Verde High School for being named Mercedes in the Morning's May Teacher of the Month!

Mrs. Berselli will receive a $150 Visa gift card courtesy of Findlay Chevrolet an additional $150 Visa gift card courtesy of Silver State Schools Credit Union PLUS a personalized Mercedes in the Morning Teacher of the Month plaque from H&J Trophies!

MITM # 2060  The “Red Rock Bingo” One

1h 17m · Published 14 May 17:22

*5:00am: Ding Dong Dash

*6:00am: Easy Fix It, Medieval Mania

*7:00am: Sam Rubin’s Son, Something You Do In Honor Of A Loved One

*8:00am: College Words vs College Student, Worse First Date, Odd Neighbor Things

*9:00am: Medieval Mania pt.2

MITM # 2059  The “Vegas OBGYN’s” One

1h 8m · Published 13 May 17:03

*5:00am: Getting People To Leave Your Home

*6:00am: Makes Your Mom a Cool Mom, Daughter Guilt

*7:00am: Beat Mercedes for an $800 Diamond Pendant, Do Not Take Babies Here

*8:00am: Dating Receptionist Dilemma, Awkward OBGYN Encounters

*9:00am: JC’s Jerk Or Justified: Underage Drinking

Mercedes In The Morning has 866 episodes in total of non- explicit content. Total playtime is 1190:49:46. The language of the podcast is English. This podcast has been added on November 22nd 2022. It might contain more episodes than the ones shown here. It was last updated on May 23rd, 2024 23:41.

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