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CROCKETT: Mama Crockett's top 7 threats to her children.

2m · Published 25 Apr 18:07

Growing up, Mama Crockett had her hands full with three boys. Needless to say, she had to have some vocal arsenal, to strike the fear of god into her sons. What she had, was 7 phrases that stuck with her boys all these years later. Mom's out there, grab a pen and paper and write these down!

CROCKETT: You can't name your baby this and you can't date this person!

1m · Published 19 Jan 19:29

There are just certain things you can't name your baby, and there are certain people you juts can't date. But why? Well, it's all in the name!

CROCKETT: The frustrated Eagles Fan, Jasmine Jones, joined the show!

3m · Published 05 Jan 19:49

If you're and Eagles fan and watched the horrendous Eagles/Cardinals game, you probably felt nothing but frustration and anger. You probably also saw the fan Eagles fan venting her anger at just the right time. The cameras locked onto her, and the whole world said, "Now that's an Eagles Fan!" I saw the game on TV and said, "I know her!" I wasn't sure until Tuesday night when it finally clicked! So naturally I called up Jasmine and said, "you have to join the show!"

CROCKETT: Parmalee joined the show!

3m · Published 01 Dec 19:12

Guitars and Stars rocked the Scranton Cultural Center November 28th and before the big show, Parmalee swung by to talk their backstory, small towns, something called snow crème, and what is the correct was to say the bands name!

CROCKETT: Brian Kelley joined the show!

2m · Published 01 Dec 19:11

Guitars and Stars rocked the Scranton Cultural Center November 28th and before the big show, Brian Kelley stopped by and we talked snow, music and bus slippers!

CROCKETT: George Birge joined the show!

2m · Published 01 Dec 19:10

Guitars and Stars rocked the Scranton Cultural Center November 28th and before the big show, George Birge stopped by to talk music, Clay Walker, and oh yea, it was his birthday!

Crockett: Scotty McCreery joined the show!

4m · Published 20 Nov 16:30

Before Scotty McCreery rocked the F.M. Kirby Center, he swung by the Froggy 101 Performance Studio to hang out and talk music, life, song writing and more! Always great catching up with Scotty!

Crockett: Getting old is weird. Part 2.

2m · Published 01 Nov 18:44

Somewhere along the way, I got old. I no longer get excited about the things I once did, but now I'm excited to go to Walmart for home goods. Give it a listen and reassure me, I'm not the only one.

CROCKETT: Vampires.... Wait. What?

2m · Published 01 Nov 16:14

I found an article about the top cities for Vampires in the US, but the more I read the article, the stranger it got. I know what you're thinking, "Vampires are stranger Crockett. What else could be weird about it?" Trust me, it does...

CROCKETT: Getting old is weird Part 1.

1m · Published 01 Nov 16:01

28% of people bake and eat the pumpkin seeds after they carve a pumpkin. Usually I do, but this year, I wasn't able to carve my pumpkin. Instead, the squirrels did. So what does this have to do with getting old? Well it's what I did with the pumpkin afterwards, and what I started doing with my leftovers. I went from telling stories about my drinking days to.... this.

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